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  Various Analysis Experts  Popular
Description: A collection of Analysis Experts for all kinds of things. Download the whole file and install just the ones you want. The current list is:
  • -Collections for a month, by day of month
  • -Production for a month, by day of month
  • -Appointment time analysis, for hygiene and doctor appointments
  • UPDATED on 6-17-2003: 12 Months Monitors
  • ADDED on 6-27-2003: Referral Report
  • ADDED on 8-8-2003: Insured Party count by Ins Co.
  • UPDATED on 8-18-2003: Split "Checks" column into "Ptn checks" and "Ins checks" on Deposits by Day of Month
  • ADDED on 9-4-2003: Patient Turnover Analysis
  • Version: 9-4-2003
    Filesize: 17.20 Kb
    Added on: 17-Aug-2005
    Downloads: 1284
    Category: PracticeWorks Experts Archive / Analysis Experts
      Appointment-specific Contact Experts  Popular
    Description: Several Contact Experts related to appointments:

    -A CE showing all hygiene appointments for one day, showing last BWX, last pan/FMX, last prophy, last periodic exam, last comprehensive exam. To help prepare for the day. UPDATED 2/23/2004: Now also looks at the "Outside x-rays received" Form to get the absolute latest x-rays we have. UPDATED 10-11-2004: Now you are prompted to select a single hygienist, or get all appointments for all hygienists (which is the behavior up until now). UPDATED 3-15-2006: Added Hygiene Initials as the primary sort to the CE, and added patient's age to the Patient column.

    -A CE listing all appointments for one day, w/ home and work #'s, and next Dr. and Hygiene appointments. To print and take home, to confirm at night, or to do follow-up calls from, or to see if appointments are being made for everyone. Can show all appointments, or only doctor, or only hygiene, appointments.

    -A CE of any appointments in a date range that are outside normal working hours (pre-defined as 8:00 to 5:00, but you can edit to reflect YOUR hours).

    Version: 12-17-2004
    Filesize: 5.70 Kb
    Added on: 15-Mar-2006
    Downloads: 1095
    Category: PracticeWorks Experts Archive / Contact Experts
      Medical / dental history  Popular
    Description: All the components needed to gather, store, update and review patients' medical and dental history. This is the download companion to the Going Chartless article on collecting Medical/Dental History.

    UPDATED 01-20-04 to add a version of the Patient Info Update document that will print correctly from the patient Clipboard. Also added a few more of the fields from the Medical / Personal History Form to the Patient Info Update document, so patients have even less to hand write on an update.
    FIXED 1-23-04: One of the document merge variables couldn't be edited by users. Fixed.
    UPDATED 2-3-2004: Added a checkbox "Review this Form when writing Rx's" to the Medical/Personal History Form. Allows you to "integrate" with the Rx System (pop up this Form every time you look at a patient's Rx History, from the [Rx History] button in Charting).
    UPDATED: 2-23-2004: The "Last <x-rays>" merge variables at the bottom of the Patient Info Update documents now look at the "Outside x-rays received" Form, in addition to the ledger, to get the most accurate information.
    UPDATED 2-13-2006: A new document, called "Patient Info Update (baseline)", was added for getting health hx info on EXISTING patients who don't yet have the Medical/Personal History Form.

    UPDATED 2-25-2006: A new Form, Oral Cancer and TMJ Exam, was added.

    Version: 2-25-2006
    Filesize: 21.52 Kb
    Added on: 25-Feb-2006
    Downloads: 1030
    Category: PracticeWorks Experts Archive / Complete systems
      The Rx Farm  Popular
    Description: A collection of Rx's that aren't in the PW Plus Pack. These simply add to your list of Rx's when you write a new one.
    (We've also updated the PW Plus Pack Rx's to add the "Phoned in" option that's on all the LH Rx's. To download them, click here.)

    See the article that describes how to install and use them.

    If you have a multi-doctor practice, see this article that describes how to put all the doctors' names and info on the Rx's.

    5/4/2005 UPDATE: Added a question for every brand-name drug asking if it's OK to dispense a generic, or "dispense as written." NOTE: If you have already installed any of these Rx's, and you now install the updated version, any changes you might have made to the Form or the Document (such as your practice name in the header) will be overwritten. So update with caution!

    4/27/2006: Added 11 new Rx's: Ativan, Phenergan, Celebrex, Daypro, Gel Kam Oral Rinse, Mepergan, Parafon Forte, Pro-Banthine, Soma, Tylox and Voltaren-XR.

    5/18/2006: Added Minocycline

    9/14/2006: Fixed Rx for Percocet Document

    3/12/2007: Added Erythromycin EES, Levaquin, Lorcet PLUS, Lortab Elixir, Nicotrol, Percodan.

    4/2/2007: Added Dosage to Valtrex Rx.

    4/18/2007: Added Rx for Magic Mouthwash

    4/25/2007: Added Rx for Diprolene AF Cream

    5/16/2007: Added Rx for CHANTIX

    2/26/2008: Added Rx for Oxycodone

    2/26/08: Added Diazepam, Zalepon, Triazolam, Lorazepam and Hydroxyzine

    3/21/08: Added Mobic

    4/11/2008 Added Oraxyl

    5/19/2008 Added Zyban

    9/26/2008 Added Norflex and Skelaxin

    4/22/2009 Added Amrix and Lichon's Cream

    5/18/2009 Added Nystatin with triamcinolone

    6/12/2009 Added Pen VK Suspension

    7/10/2009 Added Pilocarpine Opthalmic Solution
    Version: 7/10/2009
    Filesize: 93.73 Kb
    Added on: 10-Jul-2009
    Downloads: 1015
    Category: PracticeWorks Experts Archive / Complete systems
      Lighthouse SMTP email proxy for PracticeWorks  Popular
    Description: A special program written by Lighthouse to compensate for the problems with the PracticeWorks email sending issues. Using this program, you should be able to finally get PracticeWorks to send emails. Details on the use of this Java program can be found in the article Sending emails with PracticeWorks.
    Version: 126/2007
    Filesize: 42.19 Kb
    Added on: 21-Mar-2008
    Downloads: 949
    Category: Other
      LH Simple Recall System  Popular
    Description: A Contact Expert, documents and "smart" AutoLinks that make it simple to send a series of recall reminder cards, and to do it once a week. See the Article "A Simple Recall System" for all the details.

    There are two versions of the Contact Expert - one to use if you don't do any calling of patients for recall, and another if you do want to call patients (in addition to sending the e-mails, postcards and letters).

    There are also another "specific-use" Recall Contact Expert just for kids, to be used when you're coming up on a school break.

    6-1-2004: Minor update - changed the two "coming due" documents to use <LHRecallDueDate> which takes a forced recall date into account, unlike the system-defined <PatNextRecallDate>.

    7-22-2004: Major update - added 4 letters to send to perio patients (anyone who's ever had a scaling/root planing or a perio maintenance visit) instead of the e-mails and postcards. The tone of them is much more serious, dealing with "periodontal disease" and keeping treatment costs under control, etc.

    3-8/2006: Renamed all the documents to coincide with clearer instructions in the Article.
    Version: 3-8-2006
    Filesize: 13.16 Kb
    Added on: 08-Mar-2006
    Downloads: 898
    Category: PracticeWorks Experts Archive / Complete systems
      PW Expert Exchange version 5.0.1  Popular
    Description: This is the Expert Exchange program from PW version 5.0.1, which has to be used instead of the one that comes with version 5.0.3.

    Read this article for a detailed explanation of how to install it.
    Version: 5.0.1
    Filesize: 1.76 MB
    Added on: 27-Aug-2004
    Downloads: 868
    Category: Other
      Monthly Production Status  Popular
    Description: A view of monthly production figures, in calendar format. This Analysis Expert will display, for each day of the month, doctor and hygiene figures, as well as Month to Date doctor and hygiene figures. If run for a month in the past, figures are based on actual data posted to the ledger. If run for dates in the future, production figures are forecasted based on schedule appointment data. Running for the current month displays a mixtures.

    Details on this Analysis Expert can be found in a post in the "Expert Request" forum. Click here to see it.

    Version: 1.01
    Filesize: 12.44 Kb
    Added on: 01-Dec-2005
    Downloads: 866
    Category: PracticeWorks Experts Archive / Analysis Experts
      Completed treatment notes  Popular
    Description: A set of notes to document completed treatment. Read the associated Article entitled "Going Chartless Part 4: Completed Treatment Note Templates" for details on installation and use.

    MODIFIED 2-27-2006: Added a few new templates, combined a few others (e.g., "Crown prep(s)" and "Crown prep(s) w/ P&C(s)" is now a single template), and deleted some made obsolete by the combinations. IMPORTANT: If you have already installed this Exchange Pack, and you re-install it now, you will have to choose between keeping your existing Template or installing a new version of it for each one you've already installed. If you choose to install the new version, any changes made to your existing Templates will be lost. However, any changes you've made to your existing variables (such as your list of anesthetics, and hygientists, etc.) should be retained.

    FIX 09-05-2006: Removed the "<" from the N20 variable, as it was causing a problem when you edited a note.
    Version: 09-05-2006
    Filesize: 33.61 Kb
    Added on: 05-Sep-2006
    Downloads: 851
    Category: PracticeWorks Experts Archive / Notes
      HIPAA Acknowledgement Management  Popular
    Description: << Now Prints ONCE per Day and Form Choices re-arranged >>
    <<<<Now Compatible with Btrieve 6.x>>>>>>>
    This pack contains the necessary document, autolinks, and forms to manage the printing and filing of patient acknowledgement of privacy policies. For information on use of this system, see the associated article by clicking here
    Version: 3.1
    Filesize: 5.18 Kb
    Added on: 18-Oct-2005
    Downloads: 842
    Category: PracticeWorks Experts Archive / Complete systems
    Homepage | Details
      LH Program Launcher  Popular
    Description: A program that insures a patient specific data directory exists, then launches a program specified on the command line. Unzip this file in the C:\PWORKS directory of each workstation. This is part of the "Lighthouse Patient Document Explorer" system described in this article.
    Version: 06-24-04
    Filesize: 21.51 Kb
    Added on: 11-Oct-2004
    Downloads: 762
    Category: PracticeWorks Experts Archive / Member requests
      PW Plus Pack Updated Rxs  Popular
    Description: All the Rx's in the PW Plus Pack that ships w/ PW, updated as follows:
    -Added "Phoned in" question
    -Added "Pharmacy name and number" question
    -Reorganized them so they're simple to install.
    -Made AutoLink that prints the document not print if the "Phoned in" checkbox is checked

    NOTE: These AutoLinks to DO NOT overwrite the existing AutoLinks, so if you're re-installing any of these Rx's, you'll end up with TWO AutoLinks. To delete the one you don't want:
    1. Edit the Rx Form (Experts _ Automation Expert _ Responses _ Forms).
    2. Click the [AutoLinks] button.
    3. If there are two, remove the first one. If there is only one, do nothing.
    4. Do this for each Rx that you install from this Exchange Pack. If you don't, the Rx document will print even if you check the "Phoned in" checkbox.

    05-04-2005 UPDATE: Added ability to indicate if a generic is OK, or "Dispense as written" to all Rx's for brand-name drugs. NOTE: If you have already installed any Rx from this Pack, installing the updated version will overwrite any changes you have made to the Form (such as other dosages or sig choices) and the Document (such as the practice name in the header), so update with caution!
    Version: 05-04-2005
    Filesize: 62.76 Kb
    Added on: 25-Jan-2007
    Downloads: 756
    Category: PracticeWorks Experts Archive / Complete systems
      LH Referred Out Tracking System  Popular
    Description: A complete system for tracking your referrals to specialists. The main part of the system is a set of Forms for recording each referral, and a Contact Expert for finding any "AWOL" patients (referred out and not seen again).

    There's an optional sub-system for printing the specialist referral documents, and another optional sub-system for recording and tracking any communications received from the specialist after the initial referral.

    5/4/2003: UPDATED: A new version of the "Referred to <specialist>" document has been added for each speciality; it lists all the specialists you refer to, and lets the patient select the one they see.

    11/22/04: UPDATED: Added an AutoLink that displays the history of ReferOut Forms at patient seating if the patient has an incomplete "F/U" (follow-up) Form.

    To read the Article "The Lighthouse Referred Out Tracking System" for details on installation, configuration and usage, click here.

    UPDATED 3-3-2006: Made the Document Merge Variables for the name of the referring doctor much longer on each Document, so they should never be cut off when printed.

    FIX: 5/18/2006: AutoLink that prints one of the Referred to Prosthodontist Documents had a typo.

    UPDATED: 8-20-2007: Added an Analysis Expert that counts the referrals out by specialist. (If you're on version 6.0 or higher, DO NOT re-install this Exchange Pack to get that Analysis Expert! You'll mess up all of your Forms! Instead, click here to download an Exchange Pack with only the Analysis Expert in it.

    UPDATED: Added a set of letters you can send to the patient if they refuse to see the specialist.

    UPDATED: Added "LH10 Referred Out in a date range" Contact Expert.

    Version: 11-28-2007
    Filesize: 47.64 Kb
    Added on: 28-Nov-2007
    Downloads: 744
    Category: PracticeWorks Experts Archive / Complete systems
      A/R Management System  Popular
    Description: This is a compilation of many different Forms, Messages, Automation Events, Documents and Contact Experts that help to communicate and enforce a practice's financial policy. Use of this pack is covered in the article Lighthouse A/R management pack
    Filesize: 29.67 Kb
    Added on: 20-Sep-2005
    Downloads: 713
    Category: PracticeWorks Experts Archive / Complete systems
      LH Informed Consent Documents  Popular
    Description: 12 Informed Consent "sample" documents and the autolink to have the list displayed upon entering charting. These can be modified to fit your office or new ones added as needed. Be sure to read the associated article Informed Consents before using this pack.
    Version: 1.0
    Filesize: 27.12 Kb
    Added on: 21-Oct-2005
    Downloads: 700
    Category: PracticeWorks Experts Archive / Documents
    Homepage | Details
      Lighthouse Broken Appointment Management  Popular
    Description: A system for tracking the details of broken appointments (reschedules and/or cancels). Allows a patient to be marked "Must pre-pay" or "Do not re-appoint", and then have a message display automatically when future attempts to appoint are made. Also includes a Contact Expert for reviewing cancelation reasons.

    This Exchange Pack is discussed in detail in the article Lighthouse Broken Appointment Management

    UPDATE: Now includes several "Failure to Keep Appointment" letters that automatically generate increasingly firm "you missed your appointment" notifications.

    UPDATE (9/11/2006): After a request to add a "Next Appt" column to the Contact Expert, that change, and a few more, were made:

    -Added "No prime time appts" and "Same day only appts" as options for "Next appointment handling."

    -All letters were rewritten.

    -AutoLinks were modified to NOT look at the total cancellation count stored in each patient's history, because that's known to be wrong in many cases. Now, only the history of the Broken Appointment Form is considered when displaying messages.

    Version: 09-11-2006
    Filesize: 11.74 Kb
    Added on: 11-Sep-2006
    Downloads: 694
    Category: PracticeWorks Experts Archive / Complete systems
      Explore Patient Documents  Popular
    Description: An Exchange Pack that adds a "Patient Document Explorer" option to the ACTIONS button on the Clipboard (and any other place you would like to put it). This allows you to keep track of external files (PDFs, Word documents, etc.) that are associated with individual patients. This is the system described in this post and this Article. Also, this system requires the services of the "Lighthouse Program Launcher" (downloaded here).
    Version: 09-24-04
    Filesize: 2.64 Kb
    Added on: 22-Jan-2006
    Downloads: 634
    Category: Other
      Year End Insurance Benefits Remaining  Popular
    Description: Two letters (adult and child) and e-mail versions of each of them, telling patients they have insurance benefits remaining that will be lost at the end of the year.

    Four AutoLinks on the system-defined Unscheduled Tx Plans Contact Expert. Each AutoLink generates one of the letters / e-mails.

    Use the "filtering" capability of the Contact Expert to limit who will get this letter. Then the AutoLinks have additional "filtering" capabilities:
    -Exclude patients with a doctor appointment on the schedule already (if you want to)
    -Exclude patients with a 60-day old balance (or older) in excess of $X (you specify what X is)
    -Exclude patients whose remaining insurance benefits aren't at least $Y (you specify what Y is)
    Version: 9-28-2003
    Filesize: 9.32 Kb
    Added on: 29-Aug-2005
    Downloads: 631
    Category: PracticeWorks Experts Archive / Documents
      Three Hygiene Analysis Experts  Popular
    Description: Three Analysis Experts pertaining to hygiene.

    LH03 Recall Analysis Expert - calculates a theoretical figure for the monthly hygiene potential and compares your actual to it; calculates the percentage of hygiene patients who are pre-appointed (scheduled for their next hygiene appointment at the end of each hygiene appt). Click here to read the associated Article.

    LH03 Hygiene Production Analysis - calculates a more realistic figure for annual hygiene potential (number of appointments); shows actual hygiene production for any period of time, broken down a lot of different ways, including by hour and by day; shows a count of various hygiene/perio procededures.

    LH99 Hygiene Prod by Day of Month - shows gross hygiene production for any period up to one month, broken down by hygienist and by day of month. For up to 12 hygienists.
    Version: 02-03-2006
    Filesize: 7.77 Kb
    Added on: 03-Feb-2006
    Downloads: 601
    Category: PracticeWorks Experts Archive / Analysis Experts
      Insurance Claims Management  Popular
    Description: Outstanding insurance claim management contact expert that offers greater flexibility and better time management than the standard contact expert that comes with PracticeWorks.

    After running, click on the AGE column followed by your HOME key and your list will be sorted by the oldest claim outstanding. If this insurance company is going to be contacted, click on the Insurance Company column and now you can discuss this old claim as well as every other outstanding claim with that company.

    Document all contacts in the contacted area for appropriate follow-up
    Version: 1.1
    Filesize: 2.46 Kb
    Added on: 17-Oct-2005
    Downloads: 597
    Category: PracticeWorks Experts Archive / Contact Experts
      Proposed treatment Note Templates  Popular
    Description: A set of Note Templates for documenting the reason you've proposed all kinds of treatment, and an AutoLink to every appropriate system-defined button in Charting.

    Install the entire Exchange Pack, and you'll immediately start seeing the Note Templates popping up when you chart proposed treatment.

    Version: 9-14-2005
    Filesize: 16.54 Kb
    Added on: 14-Sep-2005
    Downloads: 573
    Category: PracticeWorks Experts Archive / Notes
      Production and Collection Analysis Experts  Popular
    Description: Four Analysis Experts related to Production and Collection:

    Production by Day of Month

    Collection by Day of Month

    1 Month's A/R Activity by Day

    12 Month's Monitors

    Production by ADA code

    Some of these have previously been packaged in the "Various Analysis Experts" Exchange Pack.

    UPDATE 9-15-2006: Added LH01 1 Month's A/R Activity by Day (then fixed it 9/28 to handle some weirdness with PayPlan transactions being included in Coll'n Adjustments)

    UPDATE 9-18-2006: Added LH01 Total Office Prod by ADA Code

    Version: 09-28-2006
    Filesize: 22.20 Kb
    Added on: 28-Sep-2006
    Downloads: 535
    Category: PracticeWorks Experts Archive / Analysis Experts
      Monthly Production by Producer  Popular
    Description: A version of the Monthly Production Summary Analysis Expert that displays the daily or Month to Date production figures for up to 5 producers in calendar format.

    Unlike the Monthly Production Summary (which lists both daily and MTD numbers on each day summarized by Doctor and Hygiene), this version displays ONLY the daily OR the MTD numbers on each day, but shows individual producers. To switch between daily and MTD display, simply type "Daily" or "MTD" in the green box at the top of the spreadsheet.

    This modification was done in response to a post from a Club member. Click here to see the post.

    Version: 1.0
    Filesize: 15.60 Kb
    Added on: 17-Aug-2005
    Downloads: 522
    Category: PracticeWorks Experts Archive / Analysis Experts
      Treatment Proposal Tracking System  Popular
    Description: A system for preparing a very nice looking treatment proposal for patients, and for tracking case presentation and acceptance. Consists of a Form, a Document, a Contact Expert, an Analysis Expert and several AutoLinks.

    9/30/2004 UPDATE: Another version of the Form and Document were added. Treatment is presented as Immediate, Anticipated and Cosmetic/Elective phases. Just another way to present a significant case w/o using the PW Tx Proposal.

    See the article that describes the system by clicking here.

    5/26/2006 UPDATE: Finally completed the Article, added a few new Contact Experts, etc.
    Version: 5-26-2006
    Filesize: 17.29 Kb
    Added on: 26-May-2006
    Downloads: 509
    Category: PracticeWorks Experts Archive / Complete systems
      Miscellaneous Contact Experts  Popular
    Description: A collection of various Contact Experts for a number of different things:
    **LH99 Person lookup by phone number (find anyone in PW if you know a home or work phone number)

    **LH99 Ptn/IP's w/ a selected InsCo (Find all patients who are also their own Insured Party, and who have an Insurance Company you select at runtime. Useful for doing a mailing to IP's w/ that Insurance Company.)

    **LH99 Birthdays for one week (All patients w/ a birthday in a one week period beginning two weeks from this Monday.)
    Version: 12-08-2004
    Filesize: 4.91 Kb
    Added on: 07-Apr-2010
    Downloads: 503
    Category: PracticeWorks Experts Archive / Contact Experts
    Expert help for PracticeWorks users   

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    "PracticeWorks" and the Automation Expert (robot) logo are trademarks of PracticeWorks, Inc.
    Lighthouse Dental Consulting and its principals are not affiliated with PracticeWorks, Inc. in any way