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The Rx Farm
A collection of Rx's that aren't in the PW Plus Pack. These simply add to your list of Rx's when you write a new one. (We've also updated the PW Plus Pack Rx's to add the "Phoned in" option that's on all the LH Rx's. To download them, click here.)

See the article that describes how to install and use them.

If you have a multi-doctor practice, see this article that describes how to put all the doctors' names and info on the Rx's.

5/4/2005 UPDATE: Added a question for every brand-name drug asking if it's OK to dispense a generic, or "dispense as written." NOTE: If you have already installed any of these Rx's, and you now install the updated version, any changes you might have made to the Form or the Document (such as your practice name in the header) will be overwritten. So update with caution!
4/27/2006: Added 11 new Rx's: Ativan, Phenergan, Celebrex, Daypro, Gel Kam Oral Rinse, Mepergan, Parafon Forte, Pro-Banthine, Soma, Tylox and Voltaren-XR.
5/18/2006: Added Minocycline
9/14/2006: Fixed Rx for Percocet Document
3/12/2007: Added Erythromycin EES, Levaquin, Lorcet PLUS, Lortab Elixir, Nicotrol, Percodan.
4/2/2007: Added Dosage to Valtrex Rx.
4/18/2007: Added Rx for Magic Mouthwash
4/25/2007: Added Rx for Diprolene AF Cream
5/16/2007: Added Rx for CHANTIX
2/26/2008: Added Rx for Oxycodone
2/26/08: Added Diazepam, Zalepon, Triazolam, Lorazepam and Hydroxyzine
3/21/08: Added Mobic
4/11/2008 Added Oraxyl
5/19/2008 Added Zyban
9/26/2008 Added Norflex and Skelaxin
4/22/2009 Added Amrix and Lichon's Cream
5/18/2009 Added Nystatin with triamcinolone
6/12/2009 Added Pen VK Suspension
7/10/2009 Added Pilocarpine Opthalmic Solution

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