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May 26, 2019 - 06:48 AM  
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Completed treatment notes
A set of notes to document completed treatment. Read the associated Article entitled "Going Chartless Part 4: Completed Treatment Note Templates" for details on installation and use. MODIFIED 2-27-2006: Added a few new templates, combined a few others (e.g., "Crown prep(s)" and "Crown prep(s) w/ P&C(s)" is now a single template), and deleted some made obsolete by the combinations. IMPORTANT: If you have already installed this Exchange Pack, and you re-install it now, you will have to choose between keeping your existing Template or installing a new version of it for each one you've already installed. If you choose to install the new version, any changes made to your existing Templates will be lost. However, any changes you've made to your existing variables (such as your list of anesthetics, and hygientists, etc.) should be retained. FIX 09-05-2006: Removed the "<" from the N20 variable, as it was causing a problem when you edited a note.

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Author: Brian Smith
Version: 09-05-2006 Filesize: 33.61 Kb

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