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Medical / dental history
All the components needed to gather, store, update and review patients' medical and dental history. This is the download companion to the Going Chartless article on collecting Medical/Dental History.

UPDATED 01-20-04 to add a version of the Patient Info Update document that will print correctly from the patient Clipboard. Also added a few more of the fields from the Medical / Personal History Form to the Patient Info Update document, so patients have even less to hand write on an update. FIXED 1-23-04: One of the document merge variables couldn't be edited by users. Fixed. UPDATED 2-3-2004: Added a checkbox "Review this Form when writing Rx's" to the Medical/Personal History Form. Allows you to "integrate" with the Rx System (pop up this Form every time you look at a patient's Rx History, from the [Rx History] button in Charting). UPDATED: 2-23-2004: The "Last <x-rays>" merge variables at the bottom of the Patient Info Update documents now look at the "Outside x-rays received" Form, in addition to the ledger, to get the most accurate information. UPDATED 2-13-2006: A new document, called "Patient Info Update (baseline)", was added for getting health hx info on EXISTING patients who don't yet have the Medical/Personal History Form. UPDATED 2-25-2006: A new Form, Oral Cancer and TMJ Exam, was added.

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Total votes: 1
Overall rating: 8.00

Author: Brian Smith
Version: 2-25-2006 Filesize: 21.52 Kb

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User: MaltsbergerRating: 8June 29, 2004
User's average rating: 8.0# of ratings: 1
I don't see how to print the complete history form - also it would be nice if an empty version of the big form would appear if a patient checks in without any medical history whatsoever, then the small form could print when we're actually updating

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