"Since we started carrying Potty Time Chimes in November, we have seen a large increase in our potty training tool sales. The display itself is a great eye-catcher and the bright chimes just can't be ignored by our customers. Our clients have been very pleased with this product and so have we. We will continue to order for years to come! "

Shauna Bradford
Smooch My Pooch

"I would be happy to recommend your Potty Time Chimes. We sold 103 of your bells in just the last quarter. For a new product all I can say is WOW!!! The chimes come on a fabulous selection of ribbons and practically sell themselves. I love your display unit, it is both informative and functional. I also want to complement you on your great service and shipping. Your calls and fast shipping are very appreciated. Keep up the great work Bonnie!!"

Thomas, Petland
Overland Park, Kansas

"Bonnie---We found the Potty Time Chimes to be of excellent quality. The best part for us was the unique display you provided, It truly sold the product by itself. Your excellent service and prompt replinishment of product is refreshing. Look forward to working with you in the future."

Wally, Pet Supplies Plus #38
Morton Grove, Illinois

"I personally use and recommend Potty Time Chimes®. Both of my labs have used them since they were 8 weeks old and both now going on 6 years old. Both of them took to using them very easily. There is no obnoxious barking or scratching the door to go outside, just a ring of the chimes by touching them with their nose and I know it's time for them to go potty. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from clients who I have recommended the chimes to that have purchased them here at our clinic. With the wide variety of design and colors, it is a snap to match any home decor."

Heather Clarke Young
Tesson Ferry Veterinary Hospital

"We carry Potty Time Chimes® at our clinic and our puppy owners love them. The next visit after the Chimes go home, we hear about how well they work to help potty train the puppies. Many clients say that their older dogs start using the Chimes as well. We even have a couple of cat patients that use the Chimes! Lots of colors, easy to use, a great product."

Carol Hirt
Elm Point Animal Hospital
St Charles, MO

"Our family purchased two Potty Time Chimes® when we first brought our 7 week old Yellow Labrador home (one for each door that we wanted our dog to use to go out). Within days, our new puppy -- "Bailey" -- learned that ringing the Potty Time Chimes alerted us that she needed to go outside. Without a doubt, the product was extremely effective in expediting house training our puppy. Great product, great company."

Carol & David Roodman
Puppy Owner

"Potty Time Chimes® have been a welcome addition to our retail store and our training program. Customers like Potty Time Chimes® because they come in great colors, are easy to teach dogs to use and they work. As a trainer teaching puppy classes it is an easy way to help young dogs learn how to let their owners know they need to go outside."

Sharon West
Westinn Kennels, Inc
OTCH Westinn's Little Dixie UDX, RE,CGC OBHF.
CGC Evaluator, AKC Rally Judge,
TDI Evaluator, APDT #4806

"We received our first Potty Time Chimes® with our new Yellow Lab Puppy. Within two days of hanging it on our door, she was using it to alert us that it was "Potty Time." To our pleasant surprise, she was housebroken a few days later -- much faster than we were able to train any of our other dogs. We still use our Chime, and our other dogs have now gotten the hang of it. The Chime is inexpensive and easy to use and we couldn't be happier with the result."

David Braswell
Puppy Owner

"Potty Time Chimes® -- what a clever idea! Teach your puppy or even your cat to let you know when they need to go outside for potty time. The chimes are one of our newer and popular items. Our customers attest to the fact that they work and are a great way to train your pet."

Lola and Penelope's
(Retail Pet Supply Store)

"My little Maltese Princess Fiona used to have a lot of accidents in the house because she would not bark to let us know she had to go out. If we were not in the room to see her at the back door she would just go in the house. Now that she has learned to use the Potty Time Chimes®, we can hear her from the other room and know to let her out. We never leave home without it!"

Melissa Majzel
Maltese Puppy Owner


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